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HOT is a flavoured premium Pan Masala. HOT Pan Masala (HPM) is a mixture of nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. This is mainly served after meals in India. There are some modified versions of this pan masala that are also served in the Middle East and parts of Southeast Asia. In these places, they are served mainly as mouth fresheners.


HOT Pan Masala is packed using the latest technology with computerized packaging machines. The entire packaging is done in safe and hygienic conditions. The latest packaging machines and the best packaging material ensures that the freshness, aroma and flavours are retained.


HOT Pan Masala is available in flexible pouches, zipper pouches and cans.


* The tradition of chewing breath fresheners after meals is an ancient one. While this tradition is followed in various parts of the world, India is particularly known for the practice. Pan Masala was considered to be good dental care before regular dental hygiene was introduced, the way we know it today.



The flavoured khaini that Som Fragrances makes comes under the brand name HOT. This lime flavoured khaini used the best quality black tobacco leaves as the base and our quality department regularly checks on the raw material to ensure that the quality is never compromised.

Hot Filter Khaini (HFK) (i.e. Filter SNUS) is a moist powder tobacco product in a tiny paper bag that is consumed by placing it under the lip or inside the cheek, where its nicotine payload can be slowly absorbed across the mucous membranes of the mouth at extended periods of time for greater satisfaction.

Concerned about our patronís health, we ensure that HFK is something that can satiate your taste buds. Tobacco is processed in its natural form along with the addition of herbs for the elegant smooth taste titillate your senses and is presented to our consumers as HFK

The ingredients used for HFK are handpicked to ensure that the best product is delivered to you in packaging that ensures long lasting fragrance. The clean and hygienic conditions under which the product is prepared are also beyond comparison.

With years of expertise in scented compounds, Som Fragrance offers a wide range of scented filter tobacco that are created based on the experience we have gathered. Tobacco lovers can be assured of complete satisfaction from our product.


Some positive characteristics of HFK are:


  • HFK does not come in contact with the gums or teeth and small tobacco bits do not enter the food pipe ensuring that there is no gum or teeth decay or ulcers in the mouth, food pipe or stomach.

  • HFK is manufactured in such a manner that the chewing causes controlled nicotine release, resulting in a reduction in nicotine addiction.

  • HFK does not require spiting as is the case in conventional chewing tobacco.

  • HFK can be produced in various flavours and varying strength.

  • HFK is extremely easy to carry so that you can have your pouch of pleasure wherever you go.

  • In addition HFK eliminates any exposure to second-hand smoke, further reducing possible harm to other non-tobacco users.

  • HFK is also unique since is not intended nor recommended for inhalation, it does not affect the lungs as cigarettes do. Many tobacco users are therefore shifting to filter khaini.

  • As per the study of The Royal College of Physicians snus is estimated to be 10/1000 times less harmful than cigarettes  its prevalence of use must be more than 10 times that of smoking to offset the beneficial effects. Thus, with a smoking prevalence higher than 10%, a product with such a risk would never increase the population risk.

  • HFK ensures long enjoyment with a guarantee of complete satisfaction and therefore provides good value for money.


HOT filter khaini is available in flexible and zipper pouch.





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